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At Ring Speech Therapy, we aim to offer engaging and tailored services in order to meet patients’ needs. We are able to offer assessment, therapy, coaching and training, as well as consultation services to families and teams. All of our services are especially geared towards helping you or your child overcome speech difficulties and improve language skills. Our services address a range of concerns from speech to reading. These are some of our most common services.


Helping your child be better understood

A child may present with unclear speech for a variety of reasons.  By age 4 a child is expected to be intelligible 90% of the time to an unfamiliar listener.  When a child has a speech difficulty, they are generally aware of it. Children who speak differently from other children know that they do, and this can significantly erode their confidence. We provide speech therapy to address a variety of speech related difficulties including articulation and phonological delays, motor speech disorders, Childhood Apraxia of Speech, as well as issues such as lisping and turning Rs into Ws.

Tablet Learning AAC

Increasing Communication Right Now

What is AAC

AAC stands for “Augmentative and Alternative Communication”.  AAC encompasses methods, systems, tools and strategies to support a person who has difficulties communicating with speech alone.

AAC is used by people who, some or all of the time, cannot rely on their speech. 

The purpose of AAC is to provide the person with a form of communication so that they can:

  • Express their needs and wants

  • Participate in making their own life choices and expressing their opinions

  • Make and maintain relationships.

  • Make connections with others at school, in the workplace and the community


Increasing Communication

Children with language delays or disorders may have difficulty with the following:

  • Following directions

  • Identifying objects and pictures

  • Answering questions

  • Reading comprehension

  • Understanding a story

  • Using gestures/vocabulary 

  • Making comments/Asking questions

Receptive and expressive language disorders may be developmental or acquired as a result of brain injury. 

Speech-language therapy support is import for helping children with asd develop the skills they need to understand language, learn, communicate and interact with others.  Our customized speech therapy programs are developed to help children develop functional comprehnsion and communication skills and better prepare them for school. 

Learn to Read

Reading and Writing

The Care You Deserve

By grade 3, children should be reading age-appropriate books fluently and with comprehension. If your older child or adolescent is behind in reading, this may affect their self-esteem and future achievement. Ask us how we can help your child catch up.