Are there any technical requirements for an online session? 

We use Zoom Meetings to host PHIPA compliant online appointments.  Before your meeting, please test out a free Zoom meeting on your tablet or laptop. Please ensure that you are in a safe, quiet, and confidential space for your online appointment. A working laptop or tablet and internet connection are required. 

Will my insurance cover my visit?

Clients are welcome to pay for our services directly. Many people may be able to use their private insurance extended health care coverage to reimburse all or part of the fee charged. If an individual or family member has extended medical benefits, they should check with their employer or insurance company to determine how much coverage they have for Speech-Language Pathology services. My services as a speech-language pathologist are not covered by OHIP.

What are your fees?

The Ontario Association of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology (OSLA) recommends a maximum hourly rate of $207 per hour and $143 per 45 min for speech-language therapy services.  

My charges include:

Speech & Language

Online Therapy - $130 per hr  (or $75 per half hour)

In-person Therapy - $140 per hr 

Assessment - $180 
Assessment + full report (optional) - $260

Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC)

Therapy - $150 per hr (or $80 per half hour)

Assessment - $190 for assessment
Assessment + full report (optional) -  $260 

$80 per 1hr device set-up (optional)

AAC Communication Partner Training/Consultation Rate

$260 per 1hr for groups of 4 or more $165 per 1hr for 1 - 3 family members

I reserve one clinical hour for each client; 45-50 minutes of which is spent with you and your child.  The remaining 10-15 minutes are used to make discuss homework, notes, treatment plans, etc.

What Financial Assistance is available for Families?

​There are charities who can sometimes help with speech and language services, some examples are included below. It is possible there are more local charity groups near you!

Can my insurance pay you directly?

It is policy that clients pay for their session as soon as they receive the session invoice OR at the end of the session if paying by cheque.

Following each session payment, I will email you a receipt, which you can submit to your insurance company either directly or through your employer. 

I do not accept payment directly from the insurance company or submit your claim on your behalf.